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Pjur Lubricants Health Care For Sale

pjur personal lubricants meet the quality requirements of US well being authorities. This formulation is great as a personal lubricant and a massage gel. The silicone molecules stay on the surface of the pores and skin and aren’t absorbed. As a end result, pjur® ORIGINAL delivers extremely long-lasting lubrication, making it best for sex and lengthy-lasting massages.
Which is why we developed pjur myglide specifically for feminine desire. This water-based private lubricant includes a dual effect focused at girls. The distinctive combination of active components with natural ginseng stimulates blood circulation and may excite and enhance pleasure. Like all of our merchandise, pjur myglide is dermatologically tested and particularly type to the skin.

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It additionally works perfectly with all pjur personal lubricants. Are there particular merchandise to forestall untimely ejaculation? Yes, we now have therefore developed a delay spray towards Lifesize Dolls premature ejaculation. Tannic acid, the lively ingredient obtained from oak bark, has a constricting impact and, when used in mixture with panthenol, can present a soothing feeling on the skin.
pjur med PREMIUM glide also leaves out parabens and preservatives for these with extremely sensitive skin. Furthermore, it is included within the set of merchandise recommended by doctors. Which products are suited for intimate hygiene? It is incredibly important for lady to avoid excessive hygiene.

Pjur My Glide 30 Ml

It is totally alcohol and fragrance free and ensures that your erotic accessories are cleaned gently and hygienically. Its special formula does not harm supplies sensitive to alcohol corresponding to latex, rubber, glass, silicone and leather. It goes with out saying that our Toy Clean is dermatologically tested as well as odourless and neutral in taste. Our water-based personal lubricants are virtually totally absorbed by the highest layer of skin.

The model has an advisory board of three research scientists, and the method is particularly designed for anal use. “Flip has a scientific understanding of sexual anatomy, all of the whereas including both healthy and ‘low osmolar’ ingredients,” he says.
For these girls we advise pjur med PREMIUM glide since it incorporates no glycerin. This product’s elements are of such purity that it makes it best for highly sensitive skin. The lubricant supplies a protecting movie over the pores and skin, without clogging the pores, and leaves behind a silky smooth feeling whereas making certain further-long and sustained lubrication. It has also been confirmed as allergy-pleasant in quite a few exams.

I am allergic/have neurodermatitis, and so forth. – can I use pjur products? Yes, we recommend pjur med PREMIUM glide for delicate and extremely delicate pores and skin. The ingredients of this product are of such purity that they ensure best skin compatibility. The lubricant offers a protecting movie on the skin, without clogging the pores, and leaves behind a silky smooth feeling whereas ensuring extra-lengthy and sustained lubrication. Why do some pjur personal lubricants odor although they do not comprise any perfumes?
The gel creates a protecting movie over the penis which can scale back sensitivity with out numbing. This can help stop untimely ejaculation. The serum can be used every single day and is appropriate to make use of with latex condoms.
Many women, that suffer repeatedly from vaginal complaints and infections, have a tendency to clean with aggressive substances or use unsuitable hygiene products. It is therefore finest to wash the genital space with pure water. You should usually avoid utilizing conventional soaps in the vaginal area. Intimate hygiene solutions could also be used if essential to relieve itching and to re-lubricate.

pjur doesn’t add artificial flavourings or perfumes to any of its private lubricants. There is all the time a risk with these sorts of additives that they might trigger pores and skin reactions and even allergic reactions. Our prime precedence in relation to our ingredients and additives is to make sure they are compatible with customers’ bodies. However, some pure ingredients could have a slight inherent odour. This could also be noticeable whenever you open the bottle nevertheless it dissipates when you use or apply the product.
Can I use pjur lubricants if I need to get pregnant? pjur lubricants are absolutely neutral with regard to sperm activity.
Keeping erotic equipment clear is crucial for guaranteeing a healthy sex life. Which is why we advocate pjur Toy Clean after you have used your erotic toys. You can, in fact, wash your toys with cleaning soap and water, but pjur Toy Clean gives you added peace of mind.

vibrators with clit stims Based Lubricant 30ml

For extra stimulation in those additional special moments. Are there merchandise for highly delicate skin? The lubricant offers a protective movie on the pores and skin, with out clogging the pores, and leaves behind a silky smooth feeling while ensuring further-lengthy and sustained glideability. If you’re looking for a water-based mostly lube for anal toy play, Dr. Goldstein recommends Flip.

  • Our pjur Toy Lube has a creamy consistency that makes it easy to dose and accurately apply to sex toys.
  • It stays the place you set it, allowing you to easily handle toys.
  • Most people will also have skilled issues with typical personal lubricants that drip and do not land where you need them to.
  • Today, sex toys are seen as elegant, attractive accessories and lots of men and women have a small selection at house.

Pjur Lubricant Delay Lube Water Based Superhero Mens Performance 30ml

Our pjur Toy Lube would not injury these in any means. All firm products have been developed internally and are manufactured one hundred per cent in Germany, without exception. pjur personal lubricants meet the standard Bridal Sleepwear standards of the European Union, US and Australian well being authorities. pjur products are currently distributed in roughly 70 international locations within diverse market segments.
Compared to a different typical water- primarily based product, pjur has as much as six occasions longer glide time. For instance our pjur med Premium Glide yields a much longer per use life and thus it is not as rapidly used up as different merchandise. A less expensive product will not last so long as a pjur lubricant – which implies having to make extra frequent purchases in the long run.
Our lubricants comprise no spermicide substances and aren’t a contraceptive. pjur products stand out for his or her “neutral” conduct and optimum compatibility and have neither a optimistic or a negative affect on a desired pregnancy. Health-aware shoppers wish to pay special consideration to the ingredients contained in the products they use. It is especially important that products used in the sensitive genital area have a formula that is both highly gentle and pleasant to the pores and skin. This implies that it’s important for these merchandise to be dermatologically examined and accredited.

However, we advocate our pjur med CLEAN spray, as well as, our pjur med CLEAN fleece particularly designed for hygienic cleaning. Have all pjur merchandise been tested for pores and skin compatibility? Before a lubricant can empower anybody with its effects, it must first be skin suitable. The pores and skin is the heaviest and in addition essentially the most various organ of our physique, spanning 1.5 to 2 m², with an overall weight of ca.

We at pjur assure that is true for all our pjur med products. SILICONE is the perfect selection for relaxing anal sex. The natural jojoba on this product soothes and moisturises the skin. The pores and skin becomes delicate and clean, allowing the anal muscle to loosen up. The silicone provides notably lengthy-lasting lubrication.

pjur myspray STIMULATION spray is the proper selection for all ladies on the lookout for a totally new and thrilling method to improve sexual stimulation. The unique combination of active elements on this spray can have a stimulating, thrilling and erotic effect – like tingling pearls of Champagne in your pores and skin. For even more pleasure, we advocate using this product with pjur myglide, the water-primarily based personal lubricant with ginseng particularly designed to enhance ardour. Are there special products for those who undergo frequently from mycotic infections? Yes, as a result of many women undergo repeatedly from mycotic infections we encourage them not to use water-based products since glycerin can strengthen bacterial growth.

As a result, sensitive folks may experience hives and a slight itching sensation. These results will disappear fully. Before use, apply the product to your forearm to check Vaculock Sex System for any potential allergic reaction. Do not use if you experience an allergic response.
The special ingredients reduce pores and skin oversensitivity. pjur superhero PERFORMANCE spray is certainly one of our best-promoting merchandise worldwide. Spray two to four instances directly onto the penis or head of the penis. Ginger oil is a recognised aphrodisiac.
What are the advantages of pjur lubricants? All pjur products are made in Germany using selected, pure elements and subjected to strict quality control. Certifications, external tests and seals of approval from impartial organizations verify this declare. Because, for the most part, private lubricants reside on the inside of a lady’s body, these premium intimate produts have a barely totally different focus of ingredients to current a softer really feel.
Many of us need to last more but can’t. pjur superhero PERFORMANCE spray is our special delay spray developed specifically for MEN. The cautious steadiness of active ingredients in pjur superhero PERFORMANCE spray helps delay pleasure and may prevent untimely ejaculation – with out lidocaine or benzocaine. It has a refreshing effect and will increase suppleness.
If you apply too much, merely wash it off with lukewarm water. Are there merchandise without preservatives? Silicone-based merchandise, in addition to, the particular water-based pjur Woman Nude contain no preservatives, however we go additional than that.
The intimate elements of the human body in particular, do not condone careless therapy. All pjur merchandise and elements, without exception are dermatologically tested and completely pores and Corsetti Lingerie skin compatible, in order that they can be utilized for carefree enjoyment. pjur has 20 years of expertise within the improvement of intimate products world-broad, especially our premium lubricants.
pjur COOL performs with this distinction – combining the heat of ardour with a refined, stimulating cooling impact. This water-based mostly personal lubricant accommodates pjur’s distinctive menthol, which releases a pleasant cooling effect shortly after it is utilized. Just enough to leave your pores and skin feeling gently stimulated and produce a novel contact to your love-making.
Today, sex toys are seen as elegant, enticing accessories and lots of ladies and men have a small choice at home. Most people may even have experienced issues with standard private lubricants that drip and do not land where you need them to. Our pjur Toy Lube has a creamy consistency that makes it straightforward to dose and accurately apply to sex toys. It stays where you put it, permitting you to easily handle toys. And you needn’t fear about supplies such as latex, rubber, glass and excessive-grade silicone.

Pjur Toy Lube

The product may also be used safely with latex condoms. Why are pjur merchandise costlier than other similar merchandise? We consider that we provide excellent value for money.

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